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The FDIC’s Unbanked and Underbanked Survey

Just last month the FDIC released a new survey about the homes in the United States that were considered underbanked and unbanked in the year 2011. This survey shows how many homes were considered to be underbanked and how many homes were considered to be unbanked. The point of the survey is for policymakers to gather data to support evidence that they use in policy making.

The FDIC’s survey shows that in the year 2011 about ten million household were without a checking account and a savings account. This works out to be about 8.2 percent of the households in America today. This survey also showed that 20.1 percent of the homes in this country have a bank account of sometime but choose to use other financial institutions than their banks. These are the underbanked of the country.

Experts agree that the results of this survey show that banks have more work to do to get customers back and to bring new ones to their institution. This also shows that there is a real demand for check cashing services. These non-bank financial institutions are meeting the needs of people where banks are falling short.

Where the banks are charging fees that are getting higher and higher by the year, and more and more are popping up, check cashing services have straight forward flat fees that make it much easier for the consumer to understand and follow. Banks are adding fees to services that were previously free; they are upping the fees on the services that have fees already.

When all is said and done, check cashing companies are not hiding fees and charging their customers fees that they are unaware of and do not understand. With payday companies you are given the fees upfront. There is nothing that is hidden from the customer, they know the amount that they will get, the exact amount that they will have to pay back, and when exactly they have to pay it back.

It is easy for one to see when they look at the FDIC’s latest survey that banks do have quite a bit of competition now. They have their work cut out for them if they plan on keeping the customers they have, bring back the ones that they lost, and to bring in new customers. Payday lenders are not going to give up easily though. Customers have decided they like what check advance loan companies have to offer and are not looking to turn away from that.

We can learn a lot from the FDIC’s survey. More importantly banks can learn a lot from the survey. This shows the changes that have taken place in the banking industry and what changes may come. If you compare the surveys that the FDIC has put out it will show trends in the underbanked and unbanked. Looking at these trends from the past can help to predict the trends of the future.

Long Term Investments and Economic Growth

Long term investments play a key role in economic growth. Sometimes long term investment can be overlooked because many are looking for something to happen much faster. However long term investments are something that needs to be considered, they are key to economic growth.

Not only do long term investors play a key role in economic growth, but they also play a key role in crisis management. They provide some stability in times of economic crisis. This is another reason why we should never overlook the benefits of long term investors and long term investments.

Borderless Investments

A well-functioning financial market needs active long term investors. This keeps the market going even during uncertain times. Long term investors finance infrastructure as well. These long term investors also are more likely to become more engaged as active shareholders.

Pension funds are an example of a natural long term investment. They seek assets that will match the duration of their long term liabilities. This is one example that many people do not think about. However, they should, pension funds are great long term investments that will payout in the end.

Infrastructure is a great match for at least a portion of pension savings. These investments promote efficiency and productivity in the private sector as well as in the public sector. They also foster a type of economic growth that has the ability to address all the environmental challenges that may come in the future.

Long term savings and pension can get higher returns with long term investments. This is yet another reason why long term investments should not be ignored. They can provide a lot of payback in the end.

Long term investments are not utilized enough. Many people have overlooked them solely because they are long term and not short term. Most people these days are looking for instant gratification, they have trouble waiting. However long term investments have proved that waiting is most definitely worth it. Remember the old saying, patience is a virtue.

Now long term investments are on the comeback. People are now finally realizing the potential that long term investments have. More people are starting to become long term investors. They realize the vital role they play as an investor.

The future is looking up now that people are realizing the importance of long term investments and the role that investors play in growing the economy. The more long term investors and investments there are the more likely growth will occur in the economy. This is good news as the economy has suffered for a while. Things are starting to look up for the economy and hopefully this will continue for years.

Cash Advances: What you need to know before you borrow money online

People often turn to cash advances when they are short on money, but need to pay for something ASAP. Truth be told, cash advances are probably as old as money itself. For as long as currency has been in use, people have found themselves in need of a loan to take care of pressing financial issues. In fact, it used to be common place for employers to offer payday advances to their employees; though this practice is no longer common in the United States.

If you’ve been looking for the best cash advances lenders to assist you with your financial needs, we’ve put together some information you need to keep in mind before you actually borrow a dime. By being prepared with the right information, you’re much more likely to have a successful, enjoyable borrowing experience.

Problems with Traditional Cash Advances & Loanscash_advance_loan

Traditional cash advance loans are not always as easy or convenient to get as they used to be. While many companies did previously offer cash advances to their employees, this is no longer common practices. The other popular method of getting cash advances is to go to the local bank to ask for a long term loan. And while this works fine for some people, most of us simply don’t want to deal with the expenses associated with most long term loans. When you take out these types of loans, you often have to pay back a lot more than you originally borrowed. Not to mention that it’s getting harder and harder to get cash advances from traditional banks these days…

Are Payday Loans Online the Solution?

Since the big companies are no longer providing payday loan services, and since going the traditional route – to big banks – is often either very expensive or a dead end for people with bad credit, it’s really no wonder why payday loans are the most popular of all cash advances currently available. These loans help you to get fast money when you really need it. They are easy to apply for and they are ultra-short-term loans that you can easily pay off very quickly.

Cash Advances Online Eliminate Hassles

When you get your cash advances via payday advance loans, you can forget all about the hassles that come with most financial transactions. And since you get to do your entire loan process – from beginning to end – right from your home or office, you can certainly agree that these are the most hassle-free loans in existence.

You don’t even have to drive across town, cash a check or deal with rude customers on a mile long line at a local payday advance location to get your cash advances. Since everything is done online, you simply log onto the Internet, take a few minutes to put your request through and you have pretty much done all that is required of you to get the ball rolling for your most urgent cash advances.

Cash Advances for Bad Credit Borrowers

Did we mention that your credit score doesn’t make a difference at all when you apply for these online cash advances? It is true! We know how many of our readers have been affected by bad credit, and it really bothers us that good people are often denied access to the money they need because of credit score issues.

Our network of the best payday lenders never take your credit history into account when they approve your cash advances. It’s great for people with less than perfect credit to finally have a way to borrow money at reasonable rates when they need cash to take care of unexpected expenses. When you choose to use our network of preferred payday loans lenders, cash advances are always available – regardless of your credit score!

It is Easy to Apply for Cash Advances Online?

It only takes a few minutes to apply for your cash advances online. By filling out our secure online application form with some very basic information, you will be on the road to getting the payday advance you’ve been looking for. On average, it only takes between 5 and 10 minutes to fill out this simple form. If you have your contact information, bank account information and employer information on hand, you have all you need to get started right now.

Cash Advances Provide Fast Money for Every Expense

It doesn’t matter if you just need a bit of cash until your next payday or if you’re planning on buying that item that goes on sale tomorrow; you can always get the fast access to the exact amount of cash you need via our payday cash advances. So if you need money for virtually any reason at all, don’t hesitate to get the online application form filled out right now!