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Monthly Archives: December 2014

How to Save Money on your Cell Phone Plan


When it comes to saving money cell phone contracts are not usually your best option. It may seem like you get a good price on your phone when you sign up for a two year agreement, but you wind up paying more than the cost of the phone over those twenty four months. It only makes sense, then, that prepaid or pay as you go phone plans are beginning to become more popular.

Prepaid cell phone plans are more flexible and affordable than the traditional cell phone agreements that the big carriers like to sign their customers up for. Even if you use a lot of data or talk for hours on end every month, chances are that you can save quite a bit of money on your cell phone plan by switching to a prepaid service.

Here’s a quick rundown on how cell phone service usually works for folks in the U.S. You get a new phone that is “free” or “almost free” by signing up for a two year coverage contract. Over those two years the monthly costs of your coverage plan wind up being a heck of a lot more than that shiny new phone would have been if you would have purchased it outright. Think about purchasing a big ticket item on your credit card and then making minimum payments on your card every month. That’s pretty much how the typical two year contract winds up gouging you out of cash over the long haul.

Thankfully, though, two year contracts are not your only option for getting quality cell phone coverage. You can now get prepaid cell phone service that does not force you to sign up for a long term agreement. If you don’t use your phone all that much, you can just pay for the hours you use and avoid those out of control cell phone bills every month. And if you do use your phone a lot, there’s a good chance you can still get a cheaper plan by switching to prepaid cell phone services.

Prepaid is not for everyone, though. If you simply must have the latest, most expensive cell phone every year or two and spend a lot of time chewing up data on your 4G plan, then a prepaid plan probably isn’t your best bet. However, if you can go without upgrading your phone every 12 months, you may save a huge amount of money by moving over to a prepaid mobile plan.

When you sign up for a prepaid cell phone plan you will usually have the option to purchase a phone from the carrier. Flip phones are dirt cheap right now and the slower Android phones don’t cost that much either. If you can get by with basic functionality, then opt for one of the cheaper models. And if you already have a cell phone, many of the carriers will allow you to bring your existing cell phone with you when you purchase their prepaid wireless services. If you can’t go without the latest/greatest smart phone, though, be prepared to pony up well over $500 to get the latest models from Apple or Samsung.

Regardless of the actual phone and service plan that you choose, you have more options today – and chances to save money – than ever before. Check out the prepaid plans that are offered by most carriers and you may be shocked when you learn how much money you can save by switching over from the typical two year plan to a more flexible and much more affordable pay as you go cell phone plan for all of your on the go communications and internet browsing.