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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Identity Theft More Prevalent in 2013

Your identity should be just that, yours. You should not have to worry about someone trying to steal it, but that is the world that we live in. In 2013 we heard stories of identity theft, data hacking, and data theft more than we had heard in a single year leading up to it. This just shows us how bad things are getting when it comes to identity theft, and why it is more important now than ever before to protect our identities.
In the year 2012 the total direct and indirect monetary loses added up to $24.7 billion dollars. In that same year, seven percent of those who were the age 16 and over had their identity compromised at least once. Now try to think back to 2012, do you remember hearing about identity theft and data theft and hacking as you did last year?
In 2013 we heard stories about these terrifying happenings all the time. The news shows covered them, the newspapers covered them, no matter where you turned you would hear a story about someone hacking or stealing for information and identities. This is scary, it should scare everyone!
Not everyone will become a victim of identity theft in their lifetime, or when they are dead for that matter, but you should still go about your life as if you are a target. You should do everything possible to protect your identity from someone getting ahold of it as it can ruin your life should they get their hands on your information. Unfortunately as hard as you try, you may not be able to completely protect yourself from everything.
The Federal Trade Commission has provided various tips on what to do should your identity be compromised. With the statistics on identity theft that have been released about 2012, and as bad as it was in 2013, it would do everyone good to read these tips and come up with a plan should their identity become compromised.
Do not use that as an excuse to not continue to try and protect yourself. has plenty of tips and tricks that you may or may not now about protecting your identity. It seems as though the trend in identity theft is that the thieves are working harder and harder every year to get to your information so you must work harder and harder every year to protect your information.
2012 was bad, 2013 seemed to be worse, only time will tell us what 2014 will bring us in the way of identity theft and data hacking and theft. In the year 2013 identity theft become more prevalent than it was the year before, which was a bad year in itself. Never stop working at protecting your identity; once it has been compromised your life will never be the same. You will be struggling to get back what you had before you had your information stolen. So remember, identity theft was more widespread in 2013, and we do not know what 2014 will bring.